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Research Methods

RDA Group has extensive expertise and experience in conducting the complete range of available research techniques.  To optimize service to its clients, RDA Group maintains internal production departments for online surveys, telephone interviewing, mailing, data processing, and graphics. Having these processes internal affords RDA Group’s client added confidentiality, quality, flexibility, and timeliness. The specific capabilities of these departments follow. 

Each year, hundreds of thousands of consumers across the globe complete online surveys conducted and hosted by RDA Group.  Our team of web programmers and research consultants  have a collective wealth of  experience  in desigining and conducting online surveys -- from simple to incredibly complex, in numerous international markets and languages, and with multi-alphabet character sets.
  RDA Group supports over 30 Computer-Aided Telephone Interviewing (CATI) stations. With this facility, RDA Group handles approximately 225 studies per year. Productivity is enhanced by our Automated Call Processing System, which has predictive dialing capabilities including voice recognition techniques to screen out non-productive calls, such as busy signals, SIT tones, and unanswered calls.

RDA Group’s mailroom is equipped to efficiently label, fold, stuff, and stamp mail packages. RDA Group is capable of handling both large and small volume mailings. On an annual basis, the mailroom handles over 200 studies, and currently processes approximately 4 million survey packages per year – about half of its annual capacity. To date, RDA’s largest point-in-time mailing was 800,000 questionnaires.

  • Mail Survey Optical Scanning – RDA Group uses a state-of-the-art document scanner and imaging system for data entry of nearly all mail surveys. Scanning eliminates the need for a 100% manual verification system because the same accuracy level is inherent to the system itself.

  • Data Entry – For the few surveys that cannot be scanned, RDA Group maintains a staff of highly skilled data entry specialists.  In the 1970’s RDA Group pioneered the practice of a double blind data entry procedure – 100% data entry verification – in order to increase the accuracy and reliability of data. This verification system requires all hard copy surveys to be entered twice, but by different data entry operators.  This process yields an accuracy level of over 99.9%.

RDA Group’s coding department is highly experienced in the development and assignment of codes to open-ended survey responses by grouping answers into common categories. With the use of coding, respondent verbatim responses are captured and utilized to their full potential, regardless of the length of the customer’s response.
To design customized survey instruments and reporting documents, RDA Group has established its own fully staffed Creative Services Department. A team of graphics specialists equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and software produce high quality research and reporting documents.